October 16, 2015

I'm Famous!!

Ok...Not really.

There is a back story that has existed for the last 11 years to go along with this. You see, Dusty has the habit of weaseling his way into all facets of my life and takes ownership.

Exhibit A: My senior year of college Christy had the idea of starting a bar league sand volleyball team. I was all game. In typical Christy form, once she started it she kinda flaked out on the actual details such as attending meetings and filling the team roster. This all fell on my lap. My dad, several classmates from college and even Dusty some nights all agreed to play and we enjoyed a chilly fall season in the sand. After that ended, my college had a mini indoor volleyball tournament and having spent the fall playing with a lot of my classmates, we decided to form a team and enter. We ended up pissing a lot of people off since only 3 of us were actually enrolled at the school and we won the whole shebang. Volleyballpalooza was a great time. In the end our picture ended up in my yearbook. Only I wasn't even in it and guess who was? Dusty.

Exhibit B: Fast forward to podiatry school. I am on the student government body, initiate Spirit Week full of daily activities and prizes, put on a continuing education seminar, am vice president of the soccer team, volunteer at the yearly scholarship fundraiser and graduate with a 4.0 GPA. Dusty hangs out with me most days at lunch, plays on the soccer team and joins in the annual flag football tournament. Guess who ends up being featured in every single yearbook for all 4 years? Dusty. Guess who doesn't? Me.

And now we have Exhibit C.

Dusty has participated in one LD several years ago on Pete and wasn't a big fan. He comes to some rides when he can, but with Wyatt around he doesn't get a chance to even crew for me. he basically hangs out and has fun watching Wyatt get muddy. In truth he isn't an endurance person although I do believe that if Wyatt were to get into it, Dusty would quickly be on the look out for a suitable mount so we could all compete as a family.

Well, you could just imagine my chagrin when I flip to the back page of the October EN news and see this picture:

Yep, there is Dusty and now he is even getting Wyatt in on the gig. Dusty has managed to weasel his way into EN news when I will most likely never have a prayer of gracing the pages with my own face.

At least I got credit for taking the picture.

(Note: while there is no joking font, please read the above in the light hearted manner in which is was intended. I am tickled pink to have one of my pictures in the magazine and very proud of Dusty and Wyatt for making it in there)

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