October 27, 2015

The Ideal Day for a Rider

This article about the Ideal Day for a Runner came across my newsfeed and it got my wheels turning. It seemed like the perfect topic to spin off for riding. Of course, everyone's ideal day will be different and I would love to see some of you post what your ideal would be. I'm guessing it wouldn't start quite as early as mine ;) Also, this is for a regular ride, not a competition.

1.)  At 5:30 am the alarm goes off, but you are already moving stealthily through the bedroom pulling on your riding clothes. The sun isn't quite up yet, but you are excited anyway. For once you didn't even groan getting out of bed.

2.) When you enter the kitchen you see it - your Garmin nicely plugged in with 100% charge. The Camelbak bladder with cold water is waiting in the fridge and your favorite granola bars are tucked into the side pocket of the pack. You congratulate yourself on having prepared everything the night before - for once!

3.) The truck roars to life just as the sun begins to rise and you grin when you see the tank is full.

4.) Once at the barn, the truck aligns perfectly to the trailer and hooks up seamlessly in one go. The sun creates the perfect colors overhead as it rises and you head off to get your horse.

5.) Your horse is standing by the gate with ears forward awaiting your arrival. She nickers a hello and you slip the hater on guiding her out to the trailer. The weather is getting to the perfect temperature: mid 60s with a slight breeze to keep you cool as she eagerly self loads and you head out.

6.) The trail head is empty in the early morning light and you mount up with anticipation. The trail you selected is perfect: a combination of technical single track twisting through the woods and wide open fields allowing for canters and gallops.

7.) Your horse moves out beneath you with ears forward and a happy spirit. She glides through the miles feeling strong, willing and brave. The Garmin registers 6-7 mphin the woods 10-12 mph out in the open.

8.) Half way through there is a fresh creek where your horse fills up on both water and fresh green grass along the banks as you munch on your granola bar. She is showing no signs of strain from the ride and everything just feels effortless. You are riding in perfect balance with your horse.

9.) As the ground disappears under her hooves, you start to plan your next race. She can handle it, you are more than confident of that. A 50? Why not two days of 50s?  If she can do that, why not a 100? On a day like today anything feels possible.

10.) You finish the ride with a gallop back to the trailer. She chows down on her mash, miraculously not getting any green slime on you, and you head home with a massive grin on your face. You make it in time for lunch with the family and your heart and soul are at peace.

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