July 19, 2015

Goodbye and Rest Easy Aunt Jozia

I have said goodbye to more beings in my life the last 13 months than the entire 32 years that preceded them. My heart is sad and very tired.

My mom is #8 of 10 and I am fortunate that all of them have been in my life in some form or another. Some lived far away as I grew up and then I became a young adult and moved away myself. I lost contact with a lot of my family but three remained fairly constant.

Aunt Jozia was one of them.

Growing up she was an ever happy presence. I don't recall ever seeing her angry or upset. She was bubbly, positive and supportive regardless of your life choices. She came to every family function and even drive two hours for my medical graduation. If she was asked, she did her best to make it happen.

When I began this blog she was my only reader. She knew nothing about horses or endurance and yet she read and commented on every single post no matter how boring or tedious she found the material.

She flooded my Facebook page with positivity and love. I can't recall a single negative post. Ever. She filled it instead with beautiful photos, quotes and reminders to just live the world and each other.

With both her and Christy gone my world has become a little less sunny.

Thank you Aunt Jozia for your never ending love, support and happiness. Cancer is a terrible thing that doesn't discriminate. You were well loved and will be sorely missed by many.

Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers as they learn to say goodbye to a sister, aunt, daughter, niece, wife and friend.

Life is short and haphazard. Love those close to you. Tell them you love them. Let go of negativity. Say goodbye to toxic and negative people.

Goodbye Aunt Jozia. I am sad that you are gone but I know now your pain is finally gone and you are at peace. Everyone is free to believe what they want about life and death. I choose to believe that I will see my loved ones again someday.


  1. I'm so sorry Sara. *hug* This brought tears to my eyes. This year just needs to stop.

    1. Thank you. It really does need to just end although through it all I have learned a lot and have made some life changes for the better. I miss every one I have lost this last year, but I am forever grateful for the memories.