July 13, 2015


Bored yet?? Sorry, but we have two fur babies to go.

The look of a Hubby who knows he is screwed into getting another cat

September of 2008 was my 3rd year of medical school and we knew it was our last chance for a vacation for a long time. We rented a pet friendly cabin in hocking Hills, OH and took Bones and Hero to camp, hike and enjoy a long weekend away.

It was the second to last day and we were just leaving to go kayaking looking for beavers (which we actually saw and still is one of my favorite memories ever) when we heard the piercing cry of a starving kitten outside the cabin.

There stood a tiny and very skinny calico kitty. Dusty ran off to the Walmart that was a half an hour away to get cat supplies and firmly told me we had to find her a home. 3 cats and 2 dogs was enough. I agreed. She needed a home. Our home.

I won.

Echo came home with us an never left.

She got along surprisingly well with the dogs and others cats. I say surprisingly because calicos are not known to be the most friendly out there. In fact, she isn't friendly. She just knew that she had to be in order to stay. Any new comer now is made fully aware that they are not welcomed by her.

Echo barely puts up with Dusty's existence and any stranger wouldn't even know we had her. But me? She adores me. I can't sit down on the couch for 30 seconds without her popping up into my lap. All winter long she commandeers the covers and likes to sleep under blankets and sheets.

Echo has two extra toes on each back foot and one extra on each front. It makes her paws look huge, but she actually is a very small cat.

She isn't best buds with anybody in the house. She tolerates them all and I will catch her playing with Scrabble and our newest addition, Einstein, every now and again, but mostly she just sits there and looks down on everyone like they shouldn't even exist.

If we didn't have Queen Smokey, Echo would rule the house. She doesn't question Smokey's authority though.

Her favorite toy has always been the ring from the milk carton
Echo isn't super playful, but she has her moments. She is a pen stealer and we can never keep any pens in the house because she is always taking them and hiding them everywhere.

She ignores Wyatt like the other cats and only barely tolerates him.

One of my all time favorite picture ever

Echo is now going on 7 and is extremely healthy to date. She is also spayed and retains all her many claws for being a good girl and not ruining anything in the house. She is the second youngest member of our herd and I hope to have her around for many years to come.


  1. J gets that exact same look whenever T or I bring home a new rescue.

    1. Our poor spouses!! I tell Dusty that he knew this before he signed on the dotted line though so he can't complain.

  2. Not bored at all!!! I didn't realize you had so many critters and it's been so much fun getting to "know" them. :D

    "3 cats and 2 dogs was enough. I agreed. She needed a home. Our home. I won." -> totally burst out laughing. Yup, I can relate! It's a good thing we don't own a house, or we would be in a very very VERY similar boat..hahaha...

    Echo sounds sooooo much like my tortie/tabby Shakti. She was my first cat and she had exactly the same attitude as Echo about everything. Everything was on her terms and the world existed to serve her. She was also a pen stealer! She loved me and no one else, though she adored my hubs once she met him: she was the only animal that I initially brought with me from PR and it was love at first sight when she saw him. She died of cancer a few months before we moved north to MD. Our calico, Astarte, is the complete opposite: huge sense of humor, lapcat, loves being held, gets along well with others, greets people at the door. She is the most un-catlike cat ever. :)

    I absolutely love that last photo!

    1. One still to go :) We have waaaay too many pets, but we love them all and have only actually went out and bought one of them. The rest have all found their way to us one way or another. They are all getting pretty old on us now and I doubt we will ever have this many at one time again. 2 dogs and 2 cats is plenty.