July 3, 2015

Gemmie Update: Good and Bad

I spoke with a different vet this morning and she was much more forthcoming with the information. I really like our original vet, but I must say this was the best update I have received. The other vet usually just says something like "She is doing good."

So this new vet filled me in a little more.

Gemmie has calmed down significantly and they are now calling her a good patient which is nice to hear since before she was most certainly a pain in their butts. The sheep are still apparently a bit of an issue and she is still on a low dose of Ace. When she gets to come home, I may need to find someone who owns some sheep to introduce her. Good news.

They have been changing the outer elasticon layer of the cast. Unfortunately, with all her earlier shenanigans she has created a wound to her good heel bulb and they are doing their best to pad it. We don't need any more trauma or damage to the back of her hoof. Bad news.

She is getting 1 gram of bute for pain a day and is now on oral antibiotics. Good news.

She continues to put full weight on the casted hoof. Good news.

I had okayed an acupuncture treatment for Gem while she is there. I figured she might be pretty sore from the entire ordeal. I don't know about horse OR tables, but human ones are not particularly comfortable. They haven't done it yet, but plan on next week.

I asked this vet to verify the plan from here. I had been told that at 2 weeks she would have the cast off and get to come home. Tomorrow marks 1 week (wow, that went fast!) and I am really looking forward to bringing her home.

Well, according to this vet she might not get to come home. Very bad news.

She said that sometimes they put on another cast depending on how it looks and she might need more time there. Honestly, I don't know if I will be agreeable to this or not. Yes, I want what is best for her and if she needs more quiet time then fine however if the cast is causing issues that needs to be taken into consideration. You don't want to create one problem while trying to fix another.

Also, I can put her on stall rest at home minus the sheep and hub bub of the hospital and I believe she would be much quieter. If she needs to go into another cast, I will be asking if she can come home with it on. I can change the outer layer myself and now that she is on orals, that I can give as well. I don't see the need to keep her in the hospital to just stand in a stall.

We will see how this unfolds. Right now I am not all that happy with the new information, but there isn't much to do except wait.

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  1. I'm hoping she'll be home sooner rather than later.... :(