October 4, 2014

Plans Now Until The Ride

Having never done this before, I am not 100% sure what is really needed in the 2 weeks leading up to it.

I knew that I wanted to get one last long ride in 3 weeks out and was happy with how that went last weekend. Now that I know we have a 20 mile loop to conquer, I am extremely happy we did it and did it well.

My plans are fairly light from here on out. I believe in entering with a well rested horse. I'm not convinced that anything I do right now will really add that much to her fitness, but ti does run the risk of injury or fatigue.

With that in mind my plans are:

  • A fast paced, but short ride on the amazing tracks at the barn this weekend. Thinking 5-7 miles or so with a lot of cantering to open her up. We both enjoy this immensely and it is a nice break for monotonous trotting.
  • Try to get in 2 rides during the week next week. Short 30-45 minutes of either arena or track work if time and weather permit. 
  • Then nothing. No riding next weekend or the week leading up to it to allow her to rest, eat and relax. I will go out and check on her, love her up and let her know I haven't abandoned her, but no real work.

I also plan on finally ordering a new pair of riding tights to replace mine that got ruined at Biltmore. I know, I know...nothing new on race day, but mine are disintegrating and super not comfortable for that long. I will re order the Irideon Issentials even if they no longer offer the red stripe.

And last, I will be taking all my tack home with me this weekend to clean, clean, clean. I don't want to clean right before the ride in case something is off or needs replacing, but I want it clean. I figure 1 or 2 short rides won't get it too dirty before we head out. If weather permits the mare will get a bath next week as well.


  1. Ditto what Liz said! This is very similar to what I did for my first 50. :)