October 6, 2014


I love free stuff and I hope you do too!

 I met Amber (yup, using her real name because it is all over the book!) at Biltmore while she was crewing for T in her 50. She had mentioned to me then that she had written a book and was really excited about it being picked up by a publisher. I had kept it on my radar and once I heard about the book launch I was eager to go. Saturday we drove over to a nearby horse park and I purchased two copies of her book - one for myself and one for this give away. What perfect timing!

The book is called For the Love of Horses and is about her journey with her first horse. She became an endurance junkie while on his back and learned many lessons about herself and life along the way. She has a deep Christian faith and ties each lesson she learned on the back of her gelding to a lesson about life and faith at the end of the chapter. I am about half way through the book and have enjoyed it.

At the launch were a number of her horse friends who play a role in the book. Each person signed a chapter that included a story about them. The winner of this give away gets their very own signed copy which is awesome not only for the freebie but because it helps to support my friend :)


Post a comment on this post stating your best guess for our ride time in the upcoming 50. Ride time is the official time which is generally posted a few days after the ride. I won't use my Garmin time because a) I'm pretty sure it will die before 12 hours is up and b) official times are just that....official.

The winner will be the closest time to our official time whether over or under.

You may list a time over the 12 hour limit, but that is quite mean ;)

You may also guess a pull and at what mile, but again... mean ;)

You may start posting whenever you want, but are only allowed one guess. Entries close Friday October 17th at midnight.

In the event that I don't even get to start - I will personally write each entry on a piece of paper and draw it out of my baseball hat while I drown my sorrow in free wine Thursday night.

In the event of a pull and nobody guessed a pull (again....mean but accepted :) - I will personally write each entry on a piece of paper and draw it out of my baseball hat hoping it is still legible from all my tears.

Once the official times are posted, I will inform everyone of the winner!


This is a 52 mile ride with a 12 hour time limit.

Look over at the left side bar for past distances and times for a guestimate on how we typically do.

Be honest in your guess - this is completely for fun and to support Amber's book so I don't care and won't be hurt by over times, long times or anything of the like. Just pick a time and see what happens!

This is our first 50 and I am a very conservative rider.

Ok....guess away!!!


  1. Ok. I'm going to guess 10 hrs and 30 min. :) I hope you never ever ever have to run against the clock like I did at my first 50, where I crossed the finish line a minute under the cut-off time!

  2. You guys are very hopeful and encouraging :) Honestly, I'm worried I won't make the 12 hours, but then again Gem is a totally different mare when it comes to ride time. I had to hold her back the entire first 5 miles at Biltmore or she would have galloped them all.

  3. 11 hours 30 minutes