October 20, 2014

Barefoot Shine And Wine 10/17/14: Preview


The entire experience was amazing, exhausting and taught me oh so much about myself, my horse and life.

Because this was not only my first 50, but also my first trip out completely alone I am going to break it down into the individual days. Don't worry, future rides won't go into that much detail, but this one is important enough to get it all out and on paper/screen.

What all can you look forward to?

Part 1: Thursday
  • A slightly tempered bad attitude made worse by a low hung grey sky and pockets of cold rain through the Smokey Mountains
  • Losing faith in humanity at check in
  • Losing faith in myself setting up. There may have been some tears involved
  • Why pot luck dinners are the worst things on the planet
  • Ride meeting with changes to the ride announced
Part 2: Friday
  • Christening the first 50 the way I did my first 25. You have to love consistency
  • Meeting new friends the hard way
  • A 12 mile losing battle with a 900 pound beast
  • Giving up and giving in - in a good way
  • A much needed new perspective
  • Holds, holds and more holds (well, 2 to be exact)
  • Eating, drinking and electrolyting
  • A magical third and final loop
  • Crossing the finish line
  • An exhausted dinner
  • A borderline insane request from a stranger having me question my own attitude in life
Part 3: Saturday and Beyond
  • Pain, lots of pain - in a good way
  • Packing up and a beautiful sunny drive through the magical fall leaves in the Smokey Mountains
  • A shotgun partner
  • Arrival back home
  • Checking on Gem the next day
So hang in there and enjoy the ride coming up. It is a good one with a major shift in my own expectations, beliefs and point of view.

Not to spoil anything, but most of you are facebook friends with me anyway, so you know how it all went in a general way. If you don't want to know now, you can stop reading this post and wait until part 2 gets written and published. Otherwise.....


And we did in style :)

I will wait to post the official time until part 2 and then will also announce the winner of the book as well. So hang in there, enjoy the ride and I will try to write it as honestly as I can.




    I'm also going to find you on Facebook now for spoilers LOL

    1. And yes, I totally facebook stalked you via AERC ride records for Gem LOL

  2. Aaahhh! I was thinking about you all weekend and checking my blog feed and somehow missed this! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Off to read Part I! :D