September 22, 2013

So Much To Write About

Sorry for making your life less enjoyable by stripping you of my daily blog entries last week :) It was the first boring week that I have had the pleasure of living through in a long time. I went to work, I saw patients, fixed some problems, didn't fix some others, schedule a couple surgeries. I went home and got to spend time with my son in the evenings before bedtime. What I didn't do is ride. I wasn't feeling great all week and was just exhausted in the evenings and going to the barn has become a chore, so I took the week off of riding and just chilled on the couch. One night I fell asleep at 7:30pm. Sad, I know.

The end of the week was most decidedly not boring at all, in any way. Five big things have happened since Friday, four of which I will share in separate posts because all are pretty detailed and deserve a big post to themselves. The fifth is a work incident (that didn't directly involve me, but will indirectly affect me) that caused major drama at work on Friday that I fear will continue on Monday. I dislike work drama. Work is annoying enough without it. Unfortunately, I don't think writing specifically about work is appropriate, so I am going to leave out the specifics on this. I know it is a tease, but let me calm any concerns by telling you that it affected the support staff and not my specific job. It did make Friday highly un-enjoyable and filled with stress which set up a need for a great weekend which kind of did happen and kind of didn't.

I have to put some thought into which topic should take priority and how I want to write each up, so tonight is just an introduction into the next several days. I think I will start with the fun post and work my way from there.

To give you a heads up on what is to come this week:

1.) I had the first girls night out in I can't remember how long and it was amazingly fun. A few pictures and a story to come - most likely tomorrow to brighten up Monday.

2.) New farrier and new pretty hooves for Gem and Pete.

3.) Barn drama. I think I dislike barn drama even more than I dislike work drama probably because the barn is my refuge from stress so when that is stripped from me I get pretty angry.

4.) Tack issues.

Lots to come this week and who knows what else will pop up in the meantime. I hope to get a nice ride on Gem tomorrow after work which will be the fist since our impromptu trail ride last Sunday. That 50 mile ride seems sooooo far away at the current pace, but hopefully that will change soon.
Get ready to be inundated with information!

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