September 3, 2013


I think this fall is just trying to prove me right: Plans are worthless.

My fall season is falling apart before it even begins. As I lamented in an earlier post, the first event wasn't going to happen for a few reasons and then they changed the date. I should have been flying (ok...trotting) through the fields and woods soaring over (ok....avoiding) jumps this weekend. But that didn't happen. Ok. No big deal. It got moved to next weekend and while I highly doubt we can go, it still leaves it as a possibility.

Then the second event in September got altogether cancelled. The rain destroyed the trails and what was left is blocked by downed trees. I wasn't planning on going to that one so it didn't change my schedule. Until I looked on the website Friday.

The gap in the schedule in September was quickly filled. By Biltmore. The only ride I actually cared to attend. Instead of being October 6th it is now going to be held September 14th. A date I can't go. I have family driving in from Ohio to visit and there is no way I'm going to miss seeing family for a ride. I can't even hope for rain so it gets pushed back to October 6th because I don't want rain ruining the visit.

I have heard rumor that you can buy a pass and ride at Biltmore on your own. I need to investigate that and maybe I will take the hubs and Pete on the 6th anyway, just without the ride being held. Or we could just go find some free trails to ride on which sounds like a way better idea.

There are two other October rides still on the calendar. I am on call for one of them, so that leaves me with one last shot for a ride in October. I'm sure it will rain.

Maybe I will get to one in November. In the meantime, if I catch Gem using my cell phone to call the ride organizers to make these changes happen, I will be seriously upset with her!

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  1. Your so lucky that the warm weather in the south allows you to be so flexible when the original plans you have made don't work out. A.J.