September 9, 2013

I Told You Life Is Never Boring

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”
- Dr. Seuss

Sunday morning dawned cool and beautiful as always down here in the South. Our typical morning ritual began without a hitch - the hubs got up with W for breakfast and I laid in bed wondering why on earth mornings come so fast. After breakfast the hubs and W headed out front with our 2 dogs and I got up to get my day going. That's when things took a sharp left turn for the day. Personally, I think it took a turn for the better. The hubs disagrees. You have to love marital discord.

So what happened? A tiny, adorable and homeless puppy happened. Who could ask for better than waking up to see a cute puppy face at your door? Well, apparently the hubs could. Of course his reasoning behind it all is fairly sound, but when has logic ever beaten out a heart full of emotions?

When the hubs took our 2 dogs and W out front Sunday morning he saw the puppy hanging out in the next door neighbor's driveway. The neighbor didn't seem so happy about it (what is up with grumpy men?) being there. The story went that she had shown up the night before and spent the night sleeping on his front porch. He wanted to keep her. His 4 year old daughter wanted to keep her and had named her Carly. His wife said no.

Being the bleeding heart that I am (which is the reason we have 2 dogs and 3 cats in the first place) I ran inside and grabbed a dog collar and leash for her. We were worried about fleas, so she went out to our fenced in backyard until the hubs (veterinarian extraordinaire) could look her over. Once she was pronounced healthy, happy and friendly, she came inside to meet the horde. I guess it has just happened so gradually over the years that I didn't even notice it, but my dogs have become fuddy duddys. They are old now and just lack that puppy charm and lack of grace that makes having a puppy worth all the pee and nighttime potty breaks and chewing and energy. My dogs took one look at her, grumbled, and the big one went to bed and the little one went to hide in the corner. Not a great welcome. I love my old man (13 years old now) and lady (6 but she is a giant breed so that's old for her) and wouldn't change a thing with them, but having that puppy around really, really made me miss it when they were young and full of mischief and energy. Its been a long time since we had a young animal around - even my cats are old now at 10, 9 and the youngest at 4.

She is a cute little 12 week old pup with beautiful coloring. She is a pit bull and my hubs loves the breed. Very family friendly and outgoing, but couch potatoes at heart when not active. Honestly, she fits into our lifestyle and family very well. If only she came into it a year from now. I spent the whole day going back and forth on what to do. Any other time in my life there wouldn't have even been a discussion - she would have been ours. She is obviously not a stray. No fleas, in good health and weight and is already mostly house trained. She asked at the door to go out and didn't have any accidents in the house all day or night. She slept in Bones' old dog kennel overnight and when we went out and was very good about it. Someone had loved her at some point.

I would love to keep her and cried this morning when the hubby took her to work with him to try to find her a good, loving home. It just isn't a good time. Two older, lazy dogs are great right now because they leave W's toys alone and don't care that our time with them is limited due to playing with him. They get excited for their morning walk and weekend hikes, but after that they sleep all day. I don't have to feel guilty when I go to the barn or when we play with W inside all day. They are fine and happy. A puppy needs a lot of time and attention and time is one thing I don't have right now. I also worry about her jumping up on W when he is trying to learn to walk and knocking him down or scratching him or nipping him or just ruining all of his toys. All things I don't have to worry about with Bones and Hero.

So, in the end, the hubs had little to worry about. She will stay at the clinic for now until she finds a good home. If she is still there in a while, we will contact the local pit rescue group and see if they have room for her. She is so friendly and cute, I doubt it will take long. I just want to make sure she doesn't go to an outdoor only home. It was just so cute watching her pounce on toys, run amok for no reason except to experience the joy of running amok and experience new things. We get that every day with W, but I really miss that in my old dogs and cats. Someday we will get a puppy again when the timing is right and W won't be at risk. Some day.


  1. OMG ,she is so cute! I can not believe someone could just leave a puppy like that. Let's hope the owners will show up and be so grateful she is O.K. A.J.

  2. That would be the easiest solution! She came back to our house last night so she wasn't alone at the clinic. Hopefully we find her a home before too long or she may become permanent.