December 22, 2016

2016 Goal Check

2016 was the first year I set goals. I tend to not be a very goal oriented person, preferring to just play things by ear and tackle tasks as they come up. It is better though to at least have some focus and a general idea of where you want to go. Time to turn in the report card and see how I did....

1.) Finish up the 2015-2016 hunter pace series and earn the Supporter Award. All rides do not have to be on Gem, but I do have to personally attend them all. 

I missed the last 3 rides due to timing after the 100. Gem was in her rest period and Pete wasn't really prepared enough to go. I still managed to place 6th out of nearly 300, so maybe it still counts?

2.) Multi Day Endurance ride in the Spring. Can be either two 50s or a 50 and 25. Currently aiming for a ride early April in Jasper, FL.

0/2 so far :( I opted to do a one day 100 instead given the timing and her condition, but still no mutli day.

3.) Help manage an ultramarathon alongside Dusty to coincide with the Ride Between the Rivers Endurance Ride. Dusty was approached about this idea when we were there this summer and we are both super excited. Gem will likely stay home unless someone wants me to bring her along to ride her in the endurance ride.

This didn't happen and I still wish it had, but Dusty couldn't secure any insurance for the run without being a member of a running group or paying an unseemly amount of money.

4.) Get Haley to her first endurance ride. I'm already making excuses for this one, but she can only attend in the summer and summer rides just don't happen down here. The only viable option would be the Moonlight Sandhills ride, but I think it may conflict with the RBTR ultra/endurance ride. 

Nope. After I moved barns, Haley and I fell out of touch. She is now killing it at western events.

5.) Attend the Run for the Horses 50 at Biltmore in September. Not necessarily as a rider, but to either crew for Dusty again or to volunteer. It is my favorite ride of the entire year. 

Seriously, this is getting pathetic. I don't think this should count against me though. The ride/run was cancelled due to some rich person renting out the entire estate for a fancy wedding.

6.) Complete the Broxton Bridge 50 in November. This is a big deal for me. It is the same ride where I plan to do our first 100 the following Jan. Getting Gem exposed to the trails, learning the camp, figuring out crewing situation etc... will all help ease my stress levels a bit for the January ride when I won't have a crew and will have to figure it all out myself. 

Can I begin laughing now?

Since I did the 100 in May, I didn't really need to do Broxton and instead did the R&T Championships.

7.) Figure out her hoof protection situation once and for all. The April ride and the November Broxton ride will help me test things out. I won't ask her to do a 100 barefoot, but I know the trails are friendly in case something were to fail.

Ha!! Finally! Gem is currently back to being barefoot for the winter, but I've settled on steel shoes for competitions for economy, ease and functionality.

8.) Get the trailer organized. This has been a work in progress for over a year now and just needs to be completed before I rip my hair out. Trying to ease all stress that I can before next January. 

Yup! It was done last spring and I love it.

9.) Complete an Equathon. This is kind of a sorta goal in that if it works in the schedule and helps Gem's conditioning then great, but if not it isn't a big deal. 

I'm counting the R&T for this since it is the same event.

10.) Continue to improve my fitness. I've started to run again and will be adding in some weights and spin classes as able throughout the year. 

I'm still running 2-3 days a week and have found some enjoyment in it.

11.) Dressage lessons. I would love to start taking some dressage to help Gem improve in her movement and make things more efficient for her. I can't afford both lessons and the paces, so this will have to wait until the summer. 

I sneaked in about 3 or so lessons this summer before the wheels fell off on my life.  I even purchased a dressage saddle. 

So...that is what...5/11...for a 45% completion rate? That is abysmal, but my focus shifted early on and I snuck that 100 in a year earlier than planned which basically changed everything. Hopefully 2017 can be a bit more focused.


  1. Hey, at least you ended in the green! 2017 will be more focused because you'll have the critters on the same property as you.

    1. I am hoping so. I've made some more specific goals this year that aren't quite so event oriented which should help maintain progress without having to hit certain events.

  2. A lot of your red was due to making different decision so it's not like you really failed to do them. Plus you did a 100 which wasn't even on your goal list! You had an awesome year.

    1. That is true although it still feels like a lot of failure. 2016 was really great for Team Gem.

  3. i like to think of goals more like 'guidelines' than hard and fast rules. a vague sketching of where the road might go.... but not so strict that i can't take an exciting looking exit should one crop up ;)

    1. That is a great way to look at it. I love taking exits!

  4. There's no point in sticking to a goal when it becomes impossible - a lot happened this year. It seems that you accomplished a lot plus some stuff not on your list. :)

    1. Good point! It was a good year after all.