January 24, 2016

Picture a Day Challenge 2016

Oops...I'm really behind in posting them. At least I still remembered to take one each day. This challenge is way harder than it seems. Most days are just working and living life without much room for excitement. Not a whole lot of interesting things to take pictures of. I manage though and try to get a variety.
1/4: Snuggling on the couch with Einstein. The couch isn't comfortable enough for him, so he makes a bed out of the pillows on top of it. 

1/5: Received the call no owner wants to get: your horse appears to have colic. Vet came out and she was tubed. She was fine by the morning and we started to get ready to leave this barn.

1/6: Watching Ice Age Meets Dinosaurs for the 100th time. It is Wyatt's favorite movie and while we do limit his screen time, when he gets to watch he always picks this. 

1/7: All warm and snuggly in my new super soft fleece pj pants and slippers. 

1/8: Took Wyatt to the park after school to enjoy the later daylight instead of rushing home as normal. 

1/9: Gem and Pete get settles into their new barn together. It was heart warming to see them together again and relieving to know they would be in good hands. 

1/10: Guest picture taker: Dusty. He snagged this picture of Wyatt and I when we went out to eat. 

1/11: A beautiful sky leading me home after work. 

1/12: About a mile from the restaurant where my work related dinner was being held, I heard a flapping noise. I gimped to the restaurant and called Dusty to tell him I had a flat. He drove out and used the portable air pump that works off the cigarette lighter that we bought for emergency trailer needs. It worked like a charm and I was able to get home safely. 

1/13: Spent the morning with Gem. She behaved herself very well for the short ride I snuck in before work. 

1/14: Wyatt decide to climb up on Dusty's car. You will note the dent in front of his passenger side door. This door has randomly fallen off the car twice, each time ruining the entire front panel. The driver side door has done this as well. Each time the dealership has fixed it and told us it was an odd hinge defect. The car was bought brand new in 2008 and has been a piece of junk ever since. 

1/15: Dusty left for a conference in FL and Wyatt was at school which left me with an odd "me" day. I used it to make a hole in the couch and get a massage. Echo joined me as my date for lunch. 

1/16: Took Wyatt to the children's museum. He was a little shy at first, but lit up when we mad wit to he farm display. Here he is milking a cow. 
1/17: Einstein warms up my feet as I get some work done after Wyatt went to bed. 

1/18: Wyatt playing with his Vetech track set

1/19: Wyatt was thrilled Dusty came home and proceeded to show it by being bad up on the counter. 

1/20: Wyatt is in gymnastic and here he is learning to do a backbend with a massive grin on his face

1/21: My first page of an adult coloring book with colored pencil. I finished the border a couple of days later. It is relaxing and addicting. 

1/22: Snowzilla in the South. The whole town shut down and by the early afternoon we only had this. 

1/23: Took a walk in the neighborhood after the snow stopped. We ended up with about 2 inches and some ice. 

1/24: Rode Gem in the snow of the first time in 3 years. She wasn't impressed, but I had a ton of fun.


  1. I swear T watched A Bug's Life at least 2500 times before he finally moved onto a new movie. We took a road trip to Las Vegas, then onto Disneyland, then the San Diego Zoo when he was two. There were four adults and him. (You would think we would realize that wasn't a good idea before hand, because vacationing with friends never really works out.) He watched A Bug's Life over and over on that trip. I had gotten so used the movie (I watched it too) that I could tell what the scene was when the music played. That was the last time he watched it though. He is still a huge movie fanatic. It's one of those things we both like to do.

    I love Dusty's look . . . .

    1. I'm actually really surprised he keeps asking to see it. The last time he got into a movie this much he ditched it once he began quoting along with the movie. I can pretty much re-enact the entire movie at this point. Good thing I really enjoy it and am a kid at heart :)

  2. You have a Boykin!!! I love boykins!

    I just found your blog and look forward to reading about your adventures! I also live in the same area and try to go to as many of the hunter paces :) hope to see you at one of them!

    1. Welcome! That's great that you are local! Are you planning to head to Windridge next weekend? It's been too long since there was an event. I'm feeling withdrawal.

    2. I don't know about Windridge yet- I'm out of town that weekend and not sure if I'm coming back Saturday or Sunday. If I make it back on Saturday hopefully I'll see you on Sunday for the hunter pace!