January 5, 2016

Picture a Day Challenge 2016

Way back in 2010, classmate in pod school started a challenge to take a picture every single day of the year. Back then I didn't have a blog, kid or phone with a camera in it and I rarely took any pictures. It was the last year of school and I started the challenge on my birthday in April planning to capture each day of that year in my life.

Then we moved to WI in May and I lost my camera for a while and just let the challenge go.

Once January of 2011 hit, I decided to try again. Being a busy first year resident made some pictures really stupid. Like when I took a picture of my tea at 3 am as I prepared for another emergency surgery. The dogs, cats and horses took up a lot of the days and some days it was just really hard to snap anything. I managed it though and my mom turned it into a scrapbook for me.

I did it again in 2012 and then stopped because I tended to flood everyone with Wyatt pictures on a near daily basis anyway.

However, when I was looking for Bones pictures to write my farewell to her, I really loved looking back through those years where I posted a picture to capture each day of the year. It was tidy, easy to look through and brought back many memories. Even the stupid picture of the glass of tea made me smile.

So, I am doing it again. Those of you who are my FB friend will see them posted every Sunday night and then I will do a post here as well the next week. Be prepared to be flooded with the monotony of my life :)

01/01/16: Went out to lunch at Outback Steakhouse and walked over to Bruesters for ice cream after. Wyatt was wearing his new favorite shirt from The Good Dinosaur movie which was his first ever movie theater experience.

01/02/16: Impromptu family dinner at Frank's Pizza. Front left row: Dusty, Dino,  my Dad, Luca hiding behind his arm, Nathan (my brother), Maria (my sis-in-law), Theresa, my Mom, Wyatt.

01/03/16: Trying out the trails at King's Mountain State Park with Sheree. Great ride, great company.

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