April 2, 2015

Not Admitting Fault

Tuesday night was 77 and absolutely beautiful. It was also my night to ride and was the day after her new trim, so it was perfect to test out things and get some pictures to share. So where are the pictures? Ha!

For those of you who do not have a toddler at home, you probably have never been exposed to the massive amount of guilt that they can make you feel. Toddlers are smart little beasts that remember things like what day of the week it is and what outfit you wear to run in. They know exactly what to say and when to say it to both melt your heart and make you feel like the most horrible person on earth. And the best part? They do it with complete naiveté having no grasp of the concept of manipulation. 

I got a big old dose of this Tuesday night as I changed to go take Gem for a run. I figured running with her would a) help me get back into shape and b) let me watch those hooves in action. As I moved about the house to grab things a tiny little hand kept grabbing mine and leading me to the train table, the bubble bath, his bedroom. After he went to bed, I made my exit to get to the barn.

I was in a hurry. It was 7 pm and the sun was setting on me. If I left right then I could still get about 2 miles in. Maybe 3 if my legs moved fast enough. I pulled out slowly looking to the left and right to avoid running someone over. The truck is parked next to my van in the driveway and it is a tight fit, so I have to back nearly all the way out before I can turn.


Shit. What just happened?

I pulled the van back in and got out. The person living across the road had decided to park their tiny beige mini cooper on the street directly behind my driveway. Not forward where it would be avoided. Not back where I could see it. Right directly behind my van.

I'll admit. The tiny flickering thought floated through my brain that nobody saw me do it. I could sneak away and pretend it never happened. I couldn't live like that though, so I grabbed my insurance card and walked over to ring their door bell.

"Hi. I'm your neighbor. We haven't met yet in the last year. Yeah, I live in the drive you decided to park right behind. Anyway...I just hit it. Sorry about that. Here is my insurance card."

That is a fun conversation to have. Luckily for me she was super nice. I gave her my information and then walked back over to take some pictures and call my insurance company.

My van was perfectly fine. Her mini had a dent in the fender above the passenger tire and a wrinkle in the corner of the hood. Both will need replaced.

Want to know the best part? My insurance agent was mad that I admitted fault.

Sorry, but I fail to see how I could have done otherwise.

"Hi. We haven't met, but our two cars are now touching each other. I know you were in your house and the car was parked, but anything could have happened out there. Call your insurance and claim it because who knows what really caused this."

Or better yet

"Hi. So what's wrong with you? Your car just hit mine! Yes I know it looks like I backed into it, but I was the only one who witnessed it and I'm saying you managed to somehow hit the back left corner of my van with the side of your car. Strange I know, but that's how it is"

Well, anyway...instead of getting to check on Gem and get a run in I spent the night on the phone to my agency and then getting made fun of by the hubby. The people were extremely nice about it and if it comes in at $1000 or less we will just pay out of pocket and not bother our agency.

Of course this all came about the day after I asked the hubby if I could trade the van in for a Juke for my bday this month. I stated how it was a 2013 with no accidents or issues and could probably get a decent trade in for it. Yeah, not so much now.

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