April 15, 2015

Measurements and Boot Sizing: Opinions, please!

Right Hind: 110 mm W x 118 mm L
Right Front: 112 x 130
Left Hind: 112 x 120
Left Front: 118 x 125

Epic Sizing:
Taken from the Easy Care Website

RH: Probably a 00? She is 2 weeks out from her trim, but still looks pretty good. I could probably take a millimeter off the length and width.

RF: ?? Width wise she would fit in the 0, but length she would need a 1. Again she is two weeks out, but even taking 2 mm off she still stays a solid 1 in length.

LH: A solid 0.

LF: Probably a 1.

Looking at Glove sizing:

Again, taken from Easy Care website
RH: a pretty good 0.5

RF: ??. Width she is a 1, but length she would need a 1.5 or 2.

LH: a good  0.5

LF: a solid  1.5

And looking at Renegades:

Taken from Renegade website
RH:  it would have to be the  0 and probably a cut back would be needed as it would be really long

RF: ?? Ugh. Width is a 0, but length is a 1.

LH: a pretty good  0

LF: probably a 1, but is between a  1 and a  0.


Ugh. That darn right front hoof is going to be a real problem, isn't it? It just doesn't seem to want to fit any of the sizes. The problem is that it is pretty narrow and long. Do you think that with some time I could get that to change? She has been barefoot for 5 years now and it hasn't changed yet. This was a big problem I had with the Fusion Jogging boots. The length fit great in size 13 fronts and 12 hinds, but they were just too wide and rubbed her.

I was leaning more towards the Epics for more flexibility in fit than the gloves provide although looking at the sizing she may actually fit the gloves better. Per the website, if they are a size different tin L vs W then you should go to the larger size and a difference of more than 1 size isn't going to work.

I don't think Renegades will work as most of her hooves seem to not really be a good fit per the chart. I know they don't need to fit super snug to work, but it just seems like her hoof shape isn't really working well with the chart. Vipers are made for an even rounder hoof than the originals, so those aren't even a option.

All you boot people, what would you try??

I will probably order a fit kit for the gloves in a size 0 so that I can try the 00 and 1 on her and see, but unfortunately they don't have a fit kit of the epics.



  1. With Renegades you can order different degree cutbacks to make the boots shorter. :) I had the same issue with Lily's clubbier LF and I was told to just get a regular cutback for that foot. If you decide Renegade for some of her hooves, I really recommend posting her sizes and pics of her hooves on the Renegade FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Renegade-Hoof-Boots/188309084599722?fref=nf
    The Lander reps, including Ashley from Go Pony (gopony.blogspot.com) are often on there and there are lots of experienced and pleasant people there willing to help. :)

    I'm a little nutty with the Gloves. They stretch after use, so while Lily seemed to be a 1 on her larger foot, it works much better in 0.5. I used to boot her other feet with 0.5s, and I now have her in 0s on her other 3 feet. The tighter the boot, the less issues with boot retention and boot ripping you'll have. For size reference on her feet, she takes 1s in Renegades on her hinds, 1 with cutback on her LF and a size 2 with a cutback on her RF. :)

    To save you the headache, I'd just go to Riding Warehouse and get the fit kit for the Easyboots that you're considering to try on that RF. Gail over at fit2continue.blogspot.com has been using the Epics on Nimo, as they are the only ones that come large enough to fit his big draft feet, if you want to talk to someone who has used those. For the fit kit, I'd just get the 1, 1.5 and the 2 and try all of them! You can select up to 3 different boot sizes. http://www.ridingwarehouse.com/DemoProgram.html?pcode=EBG
    I have a feeling she'll need a 1 or 1.5. They should be snug enough that you need a rubber mallet to get them on. If they slip on easily, they are too big.

    Good luck! :)

    1. I think I will go ahead and get the fit kit and see. Not having to deal with cables would be really nice.

    2. I agree! That was my selling point with the Gloves! I wish the Velcro on the gaiters was sturdier but when the boots fit right, there isn't as much stress on the Velcro and gaiters.

  2. A thought on the Gloves, because that is what I use. They need to be very tight (like apply with a rubber mallet tight) and I would fit length over width, because you don't want the heel bulbs to rub. I though I needed a 0 for my back feet, ordered them, got them on, then peeled skin off of his heel bulbs on our ride. That was a little too tight. When back to the 0.5 and used the power straps on the front to tighten the width just a bit and they work great. Haven't had any issues with losing them in water or on trail.

    Make sure when you are fitting them, that you get as tight a fit as possible. They do loosen a bit with use. I have been riding in gloves for two years now and once you have the fit figured out, they work really well.

    1. Thanks Karen! That makes perfect sense with going for length and then adding powerstraps to decrease the width. I also didn't do right by measuring right after a trim, so these lengths are probably a millimeter or two big from a fresh trim. I will order a fit kit this week and test her out to see what would fit best. Hoping to find some used ones for sale online for the first set.

  3. Not much experience with EasyCare, but fit to width not length with Rennies...they can cutback to alter the length for you!

  4. Yes, as has already been mentioned, the Gloves should be quite a tight fit. They can stretch a bit, especially when one measurement is too big but the other too small. So a fit kit is the best way to determine the best fit for Gloves, sometimes the one that fits best is a little surprising. But they do stretch a bit with use too, so the fit gets a bit sloppier when they are well-used. You can also use hot water to mould the Glove to your horse's hoof a bit better and get a tighter fit, sort of like you would do with a mouth-guard.

    My personal preference is for Renegades (or Vipers which are by Renegade as well). Looking at the photos, the Vipers might be better for her fronts, whilst the hinds look more like a normal Renegade shape. The fit for Renegades is quite different to Gloves. With Renegades, you mostly need to make sure you have enough width. They will not stretch at all, so make sure you allow for growth between trims. The length can be a bit long with Renegades/Vipers without too much trouble (within reason) because you can adjust the cables. But you do need to make sure they aren't too short - for an upright hoof, the hoof might not sit down into the toe of the boot, so you might find the hoof needs a bit more length in the boot (but you also might have twisting issues, not sure?). So the width is not adjustable but the length is a bit, which I like because there is a little bit of adjustment for when you are between trims. I love Renegades and Vipers, but your best bet for fitting (when you haven't used them) is to talk to one of the reps (like the lovely Ashley!).

    Otherwise, what I suggest to people local to me is to use a trimmer with lots of experience and both fit kits (I know someone local to me but that doesn't help you).

    Hope that helps!

    1. Hello! Thanks for the advice. I'm new to the booting world and it can get overwhelming. I looked at a friend's pair of Renegades at a ride last summer and the angle of Gem's hoof didn't fit well with the boot. Her toe didn't seat well into it and the heel captivator was way too high on her. Unfortunately, I don't have any dealers or trimmers familiar with them around me to help out. Her hoof shape has changed some over the last year, so there may be hope yet. I ordered a fit kit since it was the least expensive option right now and will see if anything there seems to work for her. If not, I will post pictures and asks for help from the Renegade people. I have heard nothing but amazing things about their customer service.