December 26, 2014

Endurance People Are The Best

Why do endurance people rule?? Sit down and I will tell you a tale....

There once was a man who was in a great strife
For he didn't know what present to get for his wife.
A new bridle, a bit, how about a new pad?
But if it didn't work out, she would be so sad.

Then one day it hit him
How could he have been so dim?
A ride entry it would be
That would fill her heart with glee.

He looked at the schedule and chose with great care
Which ride and which distance would she dare?
A 25? No way he thought with a scow
A 50 it would be at the Camp Osborn Pow Wow.

He emailed the manager who was in charge
Could he task her with something so very large?
The entry and packet had to be hidden
So she wouldn't know what was to be ridden.

The woman was game
The envelope would get a new name!
In he upper left corner the State Attorney would appear
So that prying hands wouldn't go near!

Inside she would find a very special flyer
Hand typed by the manager, her eyes need to be drier!
A surprise indeed, they pulled it off
Gemmie better tank up at the water trough.

For in 6 short weeks, they will be
Towing the line at the start of their second fifty!!


  1. Your husband wins. Most definitely

  2. That is amazing, what a great gift! And so sneaky, lol.

  3. Thanks!! It took a lot of thought and effort and the RM was awesome to comply and came up with the flyer idea. I can't wait to meet her in person and thank her!