December 8, 2014

A Special Portrait

Around my birthday last April, things with Hero were starting to take a nose dive. Having spent my youth volunteering and then working at various vet offices and then marrying a vet, I knew the reality of the situation. My special friend, who could never have an equal on this planet, wasn't going to be immortal after all.

When Dusty asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I asked if I could order a portrait of Hero. We didn't know how soon we would be forced to say goodbye, but I wanted it ordered well before so that I could go through all my pictures of him in a happy place and not one of grieving. He was happy to say yes and so I emailed a woman from Canada who I met through the blogging world and sent her over a bunch of my favorite pictures.

Honestly, I can't remember when it showed up. I can't even recall if it was before or after he passed, but it had been sitting securely away from toddler sticky fingers all summer and fall. I had looked at it when it arrived to make sure it was what I wanted and remembered being very impressed, but hadn't seen it in months.

Finally a few weeks ago, I pulled it back out and was able to gaze into that wonderful face again. It was an amazing pencil job. I don't know how anyone can have that much talent. She captured his personality in his eyes perfectly.

It needed a good frame to go along with it. The paper is a very awkward size that made finding an off the shelf frame near impossible. Typically I avoid custom frame jobs because they are ridiculously expensive, but some things are too precious and so I made a trip to Michaels to look at options.

I had a 60% off custom frames coupon although I think the frames are always 60% off and that they just jack the prices ridiculously high to make up for it. Seriously, without the coupon it was something around $400+ for the frame. Who would pay that?!

I looked at my options and wanted something that would make the picture pop without taking anything away from it. Basically I wanted you to see the picture and not the frame. I found a really nice black frame with an inner layer of distressed wood and chose a light grey trim to the mat. Hero loved being in the woods and this frame is a perfect tribute to that.

It took them 2 weeks to do it and I rushed out as soon as I got the call that it was ready. It looks perfect. It is now hung up above the fireplace in the den beside the kitchen right where Wyatt has his train table and books. I can see it whenever I play with Wyatt and while in the kitchen. I love it and would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of a pet portrait.

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