November 19, 2014

Zipper: 1, Me: 0

Everyone has been complaining about how cold it is supposed to be. I know I am in SC, but cold is cold and I hate being cold, so I plan appropriately.

I put on a tank top.

A long sleeve fleece shirt goes over that.

I grab my fleece lined riding pants.

And my insulated winter riding boots.

Before leaving the bedroom I don my favorite pink beanie with ENDURANCE written in white letters across the front.

So far it is a typical cold riding day.

Then, to avoid the bulk of a coat, I grab a fleece vest. This becomes my undoing.

Dusty and Wyatt are changing over the laundry down the hall. I pull the fleece vest over my head, but it doesn't fit.

Needing just a little more room for my big head, I pull the zipper down a little.

And fell immediate pain.

I hunch over forward trying to figure out what on earth is going on.

The zipper is caught in the upper portion of my left eye lid.

Yup, a 32 year old woman just zippered her eyelid into her fleece vest. Not winning any awards for this one.

I creep down the hall, hunched forward to avoid pressure on the zipper, and whimper to Dusty, he laughs. He can't help me.

I try to scrunch my eye up, but it doesn't do any good.

Raising my eyebrows is an even worse idea.

What to do? What to do?

Is it best to keep unzipping it? Or zip it back up?

Which way will free up the delicate eye skin quicker?

I try down. Bad idea. More skin gets caught.

This hurts. And will probably leave a mark.

Up. Must zip it up. But it hurts. up the vest and free the skin. Slowly....slowly....slowly...


Yup - that really happened. Saturday afternoon while I got dressed to go to the barn. It left a nice mark, but went away fairly quickly. The jokes from Dusty? They will last much, much longer.

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