November 17, 2014

Wyatt's New Room (Not Horse Related)

Somehow I managed to get it stuck in my head that Wyatt should have his own space. He already has his own room, but it was boring rental house beige and I wanted to give him something better. I recalled when my dad painstakingly sponge painted my entire room pink, blue and yellow and how much I loved that gaudy room for many years.

Wyatt needed something like that. Only not so gaudy.

His theme, if you would call it that, is puppies playing sports. It is boyish yet fun. My mom bought some pendants to hang on his wall a long time ago and as I looked at them, I thought that would make a great paint idea.

I envisioned light blue walls with a horizontal darker blue stripe and orange stars.

The weekend of Dusty's 50k my mom and dad came over and we began the painting process. The light blue went on super easy and covered the ugly beige walls really well in just one coat. I didn't get any pictures in process, so you will just have to take my word for it. We let it dry overnight and Saturday morning they came back and we measured out the stripe.

I wanted it 12 inches wide, so my dad measured and marked and my mom and I taped. Once that was done, the darker blue went on. It was a thicker paint even though it was the same brand and bought on the same day. Anyway, it didn't cover as well so it needed two coats. By the time that dried my dad had to get out of the anaphylactic shock inducing cat dander house  (I bought him a respirator to use, but it only does so much) so they left while Wyatt napped.

My mom came back that evening and touched up some of the trim work, painted the doors, base boards and window sill and I began the arduous task of painting on the orange stars. It was slow going at first as I figured out which stencils looked best and how to not make a mess of things.

Eventually she had to go home, so I only got one wall done and it sat like that all week long. Wyatt was back to sleeping in his room again, so I couldn't paint while he slept and I worked all week.

I was happy to receive a call from my Dad Friday afternoon asking if they could come over and help me get the thing finished. They came over and my dad got to work on some stars, but had a rough time with the respirator and eventually they had to go.

Dusty worked Saturday morning, but my mom was awesome yet again and came over and watched Wyatt for 3 hours while I finally got those dang stars on the walls. I was thrilled to be finished and really happy with the end result.


Now Wyatt has his own space to grow up in and I am proud to show it off.

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