September 9, 2014

Famly Portraits (Non Horse Related Post)

The one exam room in my office has pictures of Hero and Bones (I need to add Einstein at some point) framed and on a shelf. The other has pictures of Gem and I and the hubby on Pete from our LD back in the Arctic North. From time to time a patient will ask if I have any children and then scolds me for not having pictures up. I have thousands of pictures of W, but none of the three of us and none that are actually printed. Its a by product of digital film: lots of pictures stuck in digital format and never printed.
When we went up north to visit the in laws over Labor Day weekend, the hubby's sister planned a picture session with everyone as a surprise to their parents (which lasted about an hour afterwards before they popped up on Facebook :) and I was excited for the chance to get some nice pictures. We met the photographer at a local park and it was the perfect setting. She was great to work with, took some amazing photographs and understood that a 2 year old isn't always on board with the whole look this way and smile thing.
Since she is an amateur photographer, just doing this for fun, she let us have the digital copies as well. I had been eyeing up a Groupon for Canvas on Demand for two 16x20" canvas prints for only $50 and so I picked my two favorites for the office and ordered them yesterday. They take 2-3 weeks to arrive and I can't wait to see them!
Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. I didn't include any of the entire family since I am not sure they would want their picture online, but here are the ones of the three of us.
We started out on a little bike/walk path and took group shots. W was not in the mood at all and only would let hubby hold him.
Better, but W still lack interest
At least the hubby has a good smile

She suggested that hubby throw W in the air and catch while I look on, but those look like we are tossing an unwilling child who is terrified up in the air while I grab the hubby from behind trying to stop him.
The best of the 3 or 4 shots taken of this
Finally W took interest in a nearby tree with low hanging leaves and we got some great shots of that.

Add caption
I'm going to order one of these for at home


This is one I got on canvas for the office.
Next we moved down to the river and grabbed some group shots standing on the rocky bank. The river was perfect with trees on the banks and the reflection of the just turning yellow leaves shining on the surface. Unfortunately, W loves water and being sooo close yet not being allowed in made him even less willing to participate.
The group then moved on up the bank and to a picturesque bridge where we took some pictures of all of us which I think are the best of the bunch. She grabbed a quick shot of W climbing up the side as well.

She then had us break off into our individual families and his brother's group wandered off to change into other clothes. We headed back down to the river. I suggested we kick off our shoes and just go into the water to make W happy. His outfit was new for the pictures, but the shorts were too large and I knew he wouldn't wear them ever again so I didn't care if they got ruined.

The way down was rocky and I worried about W cutting his feet, so hubby carried him. I jumped on up for a lift as well.

Wish my eyes were open, but at least W and I have the same facial expression!

Then we made it into the water and got some great pics.
Going to frame this one at home
And this one too

Wait...make that three for at home :)

Made this one into a canvas for at work
Wyatt actually smiling at the camera :)

It was a great afternoon spent outside with everyone and I love all the pictures of the group, us and his brothers family. I'm excited to have such good quality pictures and can't wait to see the canvas ones in a few weeks.


  1. Great pic's. So smart to do the water thing. I bet the photographer will use that idea for others in the future. A.J.

    1. It was the only way to get him to smile. He is obsessed with water and I knew we wouldn't get away from the river without getting wet.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks!! I am a little biased when it comes to him :)