August 12, 2014

New Barn Woes...Or...I Am A Snob (Apparently)

The hubby is an ultra runner. I'm very proud of him and all his running accomplishments, but it does get a bit annoying sometimes. Like when he goes out for a run in the evening and comes back to declare "I only did 13 miles tonight" Umm...only?  You only happened to basically run a half marathon this evening? And are disappointed you didn't get to run farther? What are you?

But then a big dose of reality hit home when we were leaving the barn the other night and he definitely took advantage of the situation to point it out to me.

Apparently I am being a trail snob.

It all started when we moved into the new barn and the two ladies there mentioned that they wanted to get started in endurance and then raved about how great the trails on property are. I was excited about the notion of not having to trailer out every time I wanted to ride and so when I tacked up the first time it was with great expectations.

And then was bummed when I only got just over 2 miles in before running out of trails. And that took all of 20 minutes to do. When I finally found the power lines and they only added about 1.5 more miles I was disheartened.

I waxed poetically moaned and complained to the hubby and he just sat there and grinned at me. When I was finished he laughed and brought it all full circle: 3.5 miles of trails is nothing for Gem and I right now. Just like 13 miles on the road is fairly nothing to him right now. It is all about perspective.

So I guess the next time he starts talking about only running 13 miles, I won't complain because I probably annoyed the crap out of the barn ladies when I pulled back in from riding at Clemson last and they asked how it went and I responded "Good,  I only did the 7 mile loop to test the boots out, but it was at a nice 5 mph pace over the hills, so it was ok".

Those 7 miles at 5 mph probably seemed like a ton to them given their experience of an hour long walk around the property.


  1. You're right! It's all perspective! =)

  2. This is very, very true. One of the ladies at the barn started accompanying me over the winter when I was doing a lot of long slow distance due to our horrid footing and weather. Last October when we started riding together, she couldn't imagine riding more than 4 miles. We rode together last weekend and I asked her, "How far would you like to go?" And she said, "10 miles please!" 10 miles is nothing to her these days. Yup, it's all about perspective! ;)