August 5, 2014

A Few Odds and Ends

After much effort (too much effort if I'm being honest) on my part, I finally got the Advantage saddle woman to order and mail out the full sheepskin saddle cover and mohair girth. They are both a delicious dark, yet bright red and she looks fantastic in her get up. The girth is about 2" shorter and fits her well. Hopefully that will stop the rubbing during longer rides.

I've been drooling over sheepskin seats for a while now and I will say it was comfy. I like that it is made specifically for this saddle, so it fits like a glove. It did what it was supposed to do: make the seat fit just a bit snugger. My butt was completely spoiled by the WISE saddle though and now nothing will ever compare to the comfort I had in it, but this makes this saddle that much nicer.

I still need to get her to mail out the sheepskin saddle pad. I swear I love my Advantage saddle and would recommend them to anyone, but don't anticipate getting it quickly unless you plan to harass her for it. It has been since December and I even cut corners by just buying and keeping the demo. Once I get the saddle pad, I will have everything I ordered from her.

Gem is looking like a "real" endurance horse now with her boots, matching red gear and how insanely fit she is. I don't think she has ever looked this good. We are just having the best summer together this year. All the hard work we have both put in over the last 4.5 years has really started to pay off. I couldn't be happier with her.

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