April 10, 2014

Shaken...Not Stirred

My life that is.

Maybe it is some sort of mental disorder, but I just can't seem to ever remain still. Every time life gets settled into some sort of routine, the apple cart gets upset and we start scrambling.

When we moved down here to the land of sunshine and happiness, we knew things would end up changing. The hubby's job is 50 minutes away from my job. We actually thought that he would end up leaving his and moving closer because vet jobs are easier to find than my job. We were smart (or just too poor to do otherwise) and rented our house to wait and see how things ended up.

Well, it turns out that he adores his job and is staying. I, on the other hand, do not adore my job and so I put my 60 days in (almost 60 days now...wooot!!!) and purchased my own medical practice that will be official Friday (eeeek!!) It is a lovely 7 miles from the hubs. Which is all sorts of good.

But it makes absolutely no sense for us both to drive 40 minutes to work in the same direction. The wasted gas money alone is worthy of a move. So when our lease is up in June we plan to move over yonder. Over yonder has a lot of benefits. The big one being that the hubs can now start helping to drop off and pick up W from day care.

Moving also means a massive life upheaval. I'm going to be a business owner. A boss. The sole person responsible for everything. That is exciting, scary, fun and a lot of hard work.

It also means a whole lot of change. We found a new day care for W that is just down the street from my new office. It is a commercial place versus his in home one now, so I think he will have a period of adjustment. There are some awesome things that we love:

  • it is only $10 more a week ($40 more a month) than what we currently pay
  • they provide breakfast, lunch, milk and two snacks
  • they provide diapers
  • they provide wipes
  • they are never closed
  • they teach, a lot
While an increase in any bill stinks, we will more than make up $40 a month in not having to cook 2 big, healthy meals every 3 days, diapers, wipes and milk.

There are some things I am concerned about, but it will work out in the end and if it doesn't we can always move him.

I'm not a big fan of our house or neighborhood so leaving those behind isn't a big deal to me. The hubs is hopeful he can find us a farm to rent, but I'm doubtful. Where we live now is annoying. We live in a 60 house neighborhood and hear our neighbors late at night and can't go outside without someone being around. That would be just fine with me if it wasn't for the fact that we are an isolated neighborhood in the middle of nowhere with a 20 minute drive to the store. No quick trip for milk for us. Now I know plenty of people drive farther, but for me if I am going to be stuck with neighbors on top of me I better have the convenience of the store being on the corner. If I want a long drive to the store, then put me on 50 acres and let me have my space and privacy. We currently have neither.

The one big, huge thing I am stressing over is the Dynamic Duo.  They must be moved because the current barn, while we love it, is going to end up being 50 minutes or so away and that is just too far. If I want to have them that far I will find a barn with intimate access to a massive amount of trails.

I have scoured the area looking for a new barn for them and found some pretty amazing things existing in the world. Like $1200/horse/month board. In nowhere SC. Are you serious?? I'd like to meet the people who pay that. Seriously.

Stay tuned for our barn hunting adventure....

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