November 11, 2013

Things Never Stay The Same

"Life's about changing, nothing ever stays the same"
We did our second Hunter Pace yesterday :) It was not quite as fun as the first, but still a great time. Story and pictures will come tomorrow. I was too tired last night to get them off my camera.

Lets talk about changes. Our entire married life has been about changes. Lots of moves. Career decisions. Family decisions. It seems like we can't ever stay still for very long. Why is that important? Its made me accept changes a lot easier and to learn to look at the positive. You always lose something in a change. The new deal always lacks something that you really miss and wish you had. But if you keep an open mind, you will see what new things you gained.

Again, why is this important? Because I have learned to not freak out and to take a deep breath and wait it out. Not something I used to be good at. My acquaintance who set me up with FS Farms texted me a week and a half ago about changes coming to FS Farms. I called her over my lunch break to find out what was going on. Apparently, a new girl was planning to move onto the farm and offer lessons. She had 5 horses and would be offering lessons to beginners through intermediate in jumping. Ok. Thanks for the heads up. The only part of the conversation that bothered me was that she went on to tell me that I might have to alter my riding schedule. Um? And what business is that of yours? You don't own the barn. You don't board here. You aren't taking lessons. You just happen to be a mutual friend. Back off.

I let it go and mentioned it to the hubs that night. We decided to wait until the BO mentioned it to us. Well, a few days later we received a call that the girl had moved in. The Dynamic Duo had a great gig up until that point. They had 3 pastures all to themselves and were living like kings. Not any longer. They got restricted back to the front half of the pond pasture and while it is still plenty large, it lacks grass. Our original problem with the place. The BO had an offer though. There were 2 mares in a very large, grassy pasture all to themselves. Since the Dynamic Duo are friendly and laid back, we could move them to the large pasture if we wanted. It would mean me trying to find Gem in the dark in a very large space when I went out to ride during the week, but if I was okay with it they were too. We said yes.

Time went on and finally yesterday when we got back from the ride, they said to go ahead and put them out in the big area. There are 2 very nice mares out there and everyone seemed to settle in without barely a word. Well, not everyone. Poor Spook (the donkey who I just adore) is in the back half of the pond pasture where they used to be. He is the guardian of the property and when we put them out in the new place, he started screaming and carrying on letting everyone know something was amiss. He is very loud and soooo cute. :) I think we will be getting a donkey when we get our own place someday.

I drove past the barn on my way to work this morning to spy on them and make sure they looked ok. All 4 horses were standing in a group at the gate awaiting breakfast. Nobody was fussing or fighting. I love having friendly horses :)

Now to wait and see how much of a pain in the butt riding will become. I doubt lessons will be going on at 7pm in the dark during the week if kids are involved. Weekends may be a different story, but only time will tell.

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