July 28, 2013

A Great Morning

"After a time you may find that "having" is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as "wanting" "


Today was one of those mornings where the world is just smiling at you. Bright blue sky with big fluffy white clouds, cool breeze blowing and the tortured cat sound of the neighbors peacocks singing. I seriously don't know why anyone would want a herd (or is it a flock?) of peacocks. They alternate between sounding like a dying cat and sounding like an old lady in a nursing home screaming for help. Anyway...

The hubby and I loaded up our 7 month old son and headed to the barn this morning. We want him around the horses as much as possible in the hopes that he is never afraid of them and maybe, just maybe he will want to ride. I always ride first for some reason and so I headed out to find Gem in her massive 20 acre pasture which she shares with 4 other mares. She usually either runs off or hides behind a tree but this morning she just looked at me, peed (there is a story behind this which I will get to eventually), sighed and let me walk up and scratch her.

She rode super, super well. It was cool out still so she wasn't sweaty before I rode and she moved out well. We rode in the arena and got a bunch of trotting and cantering in. We even did some small jumps. She ran out the first time but after that she was great! I cooled her out in the grassy area next to the arena. She was a spaz. She just hates anything new and seriously I was right next to the arena she just worked in for 45 minutes! Oh, Gem. I made her go until she walked calmly in both directions without becoming a giraffe and called it quits. I thought for sure she would be all sweaty but she barely even had a sweat mark under her saddle. The hubs made fun of me for being easy on her and told me next time he will bring a watch and make me trot for an hour straight. I think he may be right, but don't tell him I said that!

I don't have a ton of pics of me riding because I am usually alone, but hubby brought the camera and grabbed a few today.

The hubs then one upped me and took his trusty steed out in the fields. I didn't see much of them, but I did get a few glimpses of them cantering through the trees. He jumped some logs and had a great time. I do wish I was brave enough for that, but I will be doing that before the year is out.

Today makes me so glad I have my horse. Back to reminiscing tomorrow.


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