April 25, 2016

Conditioning Plan Check in: Weeks 3 and 2

I can't believe I am only two weeks away from my endurance ride. To be honest I sort of wish I was doing the 50 instead. I know she can do a 50 and is in great shape to do one with the right amount of luck that is required at all these rides no matter the distance. I know of people having their perfectly fit and ready horse pulled at the first 10 mile loop due to the wrong rock and the wrong place. It just happens. Anyway... I'm not backing her down and I really, really want to do this, but the closer I get the more my stomach gets tied into knots just thinking about it all. We will cross the start line and go loop to loop and hope for some luck along the way.

Week 3: Weeknight: last hill sets. We did 3 sets up and down and a few loops around the arena before the lights went out on us. 

Weekend: 20 miles, moderate pace. Yeah, we know how this went. Got in 10 slow miles. At least there were a lot of hills and even with all the sitting on her back up and down, she didn't have a lick of soreness afterward so the prior back soreness from a few weeks ago was just a fluke. Yay!

Run Wed and Friday. Yup.

Check supply of Grand Vite and alfalfa cubes. Wash and organize trailer. Turn 34 and hope hubby purchased the saddle pad I asked for. I did turn 34 and get my back up pad which is so lovely. It even came with samples of the detergent they recommend. I decided to forgo the Grand Vite. After talking with a vet about it, it wasn't recommended to load her up the week before with it as usual since she is now getting a high quality complete feed at the recommended volume. They were concerned she would get overdosed on some of the things that get stored and said it shouldn't be needed with the feed she is on. I will likely use the electrolytes a few extra days instead. Since the trailer tires needed replaced and the trailer was at home, I did organize the crap out of it with the help of Dusty. I am very nearly 100% pleased with the tack area now. Just one more modification to do before it is complete, but that won't happen before Biltmore. 

Week 2: Weeknight: work in grass field to keep muscles loose and moving.  A big nope. The trailer stayed at home until Sunday and while I went out on Wednesday it was work related and I didn't have any o fly tack since it was all inside the trailer back at home. 

Run Wed and Friday. Yup.

Weekend: 10 - 12 miles, moderate to fast pace (hunter pace scheduled). Hunter pace was just shy of 7 miles, but we went pretty fast and Gem came back to me mentally quicker than ever before. 

Purchase compressed alfalfa. Confirm grass hay requirements with BO. Make sure all grain is fully stocked Yup, yup and yup. BO said I can grab as much as I want and I was able to snag a great looking bale from a local feed store. Gem loves the compressed bales better than the regular ones, plus I like that they make a fine powder of loose pieces that soak up water and make it more appetizing for her to drink. 

Go over camping gear and portable corral to make sure everything is in working order. Order electrolye syringes from Running Bear to confirm they will be there upon arrival in camp. Figure out where to get some dry ice. Confirm plans with Liz about arrival. I haven't gone over the camping gear or corral yet, so still need to do that. I was able to find 6 doses of my favorite elyte paste (Perfect Balance) at the feed store so I am not as worried about pre ordering any. I need to get several more, but this is a good start. I also decided to forgo dry ice since that was kinda silly anyway. As far as Liz. I'm not sure. She has been too busy kicking some major butt both on a mountain bike and on her super pony Q. We will sort it out eventually. 


  1. Be there by dinner time Friday! Depart between 9 and 10. 7 hr drive for me.

    1. Awesome!!! I will make sure there is room for your car and tent. I'm hoping to be there by 10:30 am Thursday and get a pre ride int hat afternoon plus a lot of relaxation for both of us.