February 3, 2016

2016 Picture a Day Challenge : Week 4

1/25: Scrabble is my cat-dog. He follows me everywhere including in the bathroom when I take a shower or bath. He always enters the shower after I leave to get a drink.

1/26: Wyatt dancing and singing after school

1/27: Went out to his favorite ice cream shop to get cotton candy ice cream. He wore his Darth Vader coat and shoes.

1/28: The sky was on fire

1/29: Left work a little early. It was so nice outside I couldn't resist a run. Took Einstein along and he had a blast.

1/30: Afternoon spent at the barn. Gem and Pete looking at me as I enter their pasture.

1/31:We celebrated my Mom's 57th birthday and Dusty's 39th with good food, cake and ice cream. Wyatt is ready with plate in hand.


  1. My cat does the same thing! She even sticks her paw in the water bucket trying to grab at things that only she can see! Hehehehe :) and Happy birthdays!!!

    1. He has fallen into my bathtub before with me in it. I love that cat!