November 5, 2015

Do I Still Even Have A Horse?

Lately, I'm not so sure.

It has been two weeks since I have laid eyes on her fuzzy body and nearly a month since I last rode. She is going to be one angry mare when I go see her this weekend.

Pre mommy era, I would see her three times a week and would have been appalled at the very thought of going this long, but post mommy era reality is that this is ok. Life gets in the way a lot: SC has decided to become an honorary member of the pacific northwest with rain falling nearly constantly this fall (seriously, it hasn't stopped raining to some degree in the last 7 days), I came down with a nasty sinus infection turned bronchitis two weeks ago and today is the first time I have not felt like hiding in a hole and sleeping my life away, kiddo plans, added work shifts to help with all adds up.

I am basically fine with this. Gem is ok hanging out in her herd eating the last remnants of fall grass and growing out her damaged hoof wall. There is no rush to do much of anything with her except enjoy the moments I have when I can.

There is one exception to this: Broxton Bridge. A lot of local endurance people are heading out today for the last ride of the season (although honestly this is pretty deceptive down here where there may be a month lag between seasons versus up in WI where all trails closed from Nov 1- April 1) and I really wish I was amongst them.

Gemmie could do a conservative 25 and if I had anyone who wanted to catch a ride on her, I'd be all up for making it work out. I can go, I can camp and I can crew, but I can't ride: 1) I am really not feeling well enough to do 25 miles at all and 2) I will have Wyatt. So I guess if anyone reading this would want a last second trip to SC for a LD, let me know!

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  1. Horse vs child does not fall to the horse, that is for sure. I am counting the days until I can get back into a regular routine and am feeling thankful for the thanksgiving weekend the end of this month for some much needed trail time. Keeping my fingers crossed that the temps are not sub-zero and the snow is not a foot deep or I am going to be very cranky.