May 27, 2014

VC Blog Hop: Bit it Up

Well, I am late to the party as always and can't get the link to work properly, but here is my attempt to join a blog hop. Apparently, you should be able to link up with all the other blogs joining in and everyone writes a post on the same topic. This increases awareness of your blog but also provides a way for someone to read lots of different opinions about the same topic.

This one is about bits.

I have only used two different bits on Gem.

The first was a plain old French link D ring snaffle. Very mild. She went as well as Gem goes in it. She never complained about it and with her being as opinionated as she is, she would have quickly and loudly if she didn't approve.

I switched out of it because she was hard to bend and I wanted something with a little more help. So I picked up our current bit which is a full cheek French link snaffle with a copper lozenge. It was hard to find. There are a ton of full cheek snaffles out there, but most that I found had only a single joint and I am not a big fan of a single jointed bit. I think they are a bit too harsh for my tastes and what we do and so I hunted around until I found one I liked. She has been in this bit now for 3 years.

I don't think she actually turns any better in it. In fact I notice really no difference from the D ring to the full cheek. But I like the bit and so I am keeping it. I do like the bit keepers as it holds the bit nicely in her mouth without her needing to fuss at all. Unfortunately my endurance bridle doesn't work with the bit hangers.

I have a s hackamore on my wish list. I just barely ever use the bit at all out on the trail and see very little reason to have the metal in her mouth at this time. A friend was kind enough to lend me hers to try out and I am hoping to do that tonight. If Gem behaves in it, I just may move it up on my wish list. I need a new bridle for her anyway and would like to order it to match if I do get one.

So that's it. Nothing spectacular bit wise. I tend to try to be a minimal as possible with my bit choice, but then again we aren't trying for special dressage moves or anything. She carries herself well with just a plain snaffle and doesn't go running off on me (much anyway) so thts where we willstay for the time being.

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