January 16, 2014

Saddle Saga Continues

I have heard nothing but chirps from the various places I blasted with both saddles. I'm not a very patient person and this is killing me a little bit. Unfortunately, I have chosen almost the worst time of year to try to sell it. I've been told that the spring is prime saddle selling time as the new competition season starts to amp up and people want to make changes. Personally, I would think anything new would be introduced in the winter to allow time to adjust to it prior to competition season starting, but what do I know?

I've been trying to figure out how to move the saddle. The hubs is all for me waiting a bit more. Keeping things out there and seeing if they get a bite or not. Honestly this is the best way for me to get what I want out of it. Unless I have to drop the price to get interest anyway.

I am leaning towards sending it out to a consignment shop. I've found two that were recommended by a fellow blogger who has experience in selling high end saddles. They both take a 20% commission and this drops my bottom dollar to a little below what I want. But if it gets it sold it would be worth it. I contacted a place in Maryland and they are interested. They are more geared toward dressage and hunter/jumper versus eventing which is a little bit of a draw back since this is an eventing saddle. But they have a good track record and handle trial periods, pay pal fees and the rest. I mail them the saddle and they blast the internet as well as local sources and have it at the shop. They do allow a trial period, but if the person purchases the saddle after a trial period it is more expensive than buying it outright. Gives incentive to not trial it.

The second place I emailed is in Texas. They handle high end saddles as well, but also deal with cross country/eventing saddles. They are picky about which brands they accept and WISE is not on the list. I emailed them anyway to see if they would be interested and will give them a day or two to respond.

I'm finding that buying a brand new concept saddle isn't such a smart idea after all. Its not that it isn't a great saddle, because I will stand by my opinion that it is, but its that nobody has heard of it. There aren't any used ones for sale because not that many have been sold. The few who have them love them, but it just hasn't caught fire in the community. So, in order to sell it, the perfect person has to come along. In my mind I would be more likely to find this person with better exposure through a consignment shop whose job it is to sell saddles. They don't make money unless they sell it.

The Wintec is another story. I'll keep that myself to sell. It isn't worth a whole lot to make using a consignment shop worthwhile. I will repost that one in another couple weeks to keep it fresh and wait until it sells.

In other news - I'm not going to the pace on Sunday. It just costs too much and right now money needs to go elsewhere. The pace itself isn't too bad - $35-40 a rider, but times that by two, add in gas for a 2 hour drive and babysitter fees for about 6 hours and it ends up being a $300 outing. Ouch. I thought about going alone with Gem and having the hubs entertain W while I ride, but Gem really needs a mental break. She has been going out solo a lot lately and a date with her boy Pete is in order. So, we are going to hit the Butch Kennedy trails close to home with no entry fee instead. W will only need to be watched for a few hours total (instead of 6) and gas is minimal. We will still have a lot of fun and get the horses out. Its been a long time since we rode together so I am very excited!

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